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How To Offer Landscaping Financing To Your Customers

Offering landscaping financing to your customers has a range of benefits for both contractors and the homeowners they service. Learn first why you should offer landscaping financing to your customers, and how it can be a benefit to your business. Then learn how you can take actionable steps to start offering landscape financing today, at […]
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Using Kitchen Remodel Financing to Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams

The kitchen of your dreams may feel like little more than a fantasy as the national average for the price of a mid-range kitchen remodeling project has now reached $58,500. But while that number is certainly substantial, you can anticipate receiving about 2/3rds of that spend back when and if you go to sell your […]
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How to Finance Hardwood Flooring Installation Costs

Homeowners seeking the right flooring option for their property will often turn to hardwood because it looks great, maintains its appearance when properly cared for, and fits in with just about any decor. But hardwood flooring is not inexpensive and with an average cost of roughly $4,500 to install a wood floor, many consumers turn […]
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